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Additional Convenient Services

Services for Your Convenience

We’re proud to offer several convenience services for our customers to ensure their banking needs are always met. These convenience services include anything from renting a safe deposit box to store valuables to initiating wire transfers for domestic and international transactions. View a full list of our convenience services and the fees associated with those services below.

View Our Fee Schedule

Service AvailableFee Information

Cashiers Check

$5.00 each

Check Printing

Varies by style, type, and quantity of checks ordered

Checkbook Reconciliation

$35.00 per hour ($35.00 minimum)

Closing Account

$20.00 within the first 90 days

ATM/Debit Card Annual Fee


Replacement ATM or Debit Card Fee


Garnishment / Levy Fee


Imaged Checks Returned in Statement

$4.00 each statement cycle

Money Order

$3.00 each

Night Deposit Bag- With Lock

$20.00 each

Night Deposit Bag- Zipper

First Bag Free- $5.00 each thereafter

Notary Public/Signature Guaranty

No Charge

Overdraft Protection Loan

$15.00 Annual Fee

Overdraft Protection Sweep

$15.00 Annual Fee

Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds

(NSF Paid Fee) or (NSF Return Fee)

$25.00 per item/$75.00 max per day

Unresolved Overdrafts

(Assessed after the 3rd Business Day)

$5.00 per business day

Return Deposit Item Fee

$5.00 per item

Research Fee

$35.00 per/hour ($35.00 minimum)

Statement Copies

$3.00 each

Stop Payment Fee

$20.00 per item

Wire Transfer - Incoming

$10.00 each

Wire Transfer - Outgoing Domestic

$15.00 each

Wire Transfer - Outgoing International

$40.00 each

Safe Deposit Box Fees

3 x 5 Box Rental: $20 annual fee

3 x 10 Box Rental: $30 annual fee

5 x 10 Box Rental: $45 annual fee

10 x 10 Box Rental: $75 annual fee

Late Fee: $10

Lost Key Fee: $20

Drilling Fee: $250